Clone MD, Blend

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Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa

Mixing True (White) Bali with Green MD, this blend was born. It is my wife’s all-time favorite and a big one for me as well. The Bali goes a long way towards balancing out the Green MD which can be a little overbearing on its own. With the Bali, GMD is a smoother, more peaceful and fulfilling product with all around great marks. It is quite similar to, and (in our opinions) better than, our own White MD, hence the name.

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22 reviews for Clone MD, Blend

  1. motark15 (verified owner)

    This blend is flat out well rounded. For me, it provides great productivity and an uplifting attitude. GRB is hands down THE BEST. Quality products, great prices, first class customer service and shipping. This isn’t just a business for GRB, this is their passion, and it shows in every aspect.

  2. Jeannie (verified owner)

    I have been taking kratom for 3 years now. I seemed to be in a rut where I wasn’t getting the same feeling anymore:/ Then I found GRB and ordered the clone blend and bam!! Out of the rut!! Thank you GRB!

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Great. One of the best yet. Great job, Golden Rule!

  4. Michael

    This is my goto for day time

  5. prittacco

    Another great GRB blend. When I look for a nice boost,I break out the clone md. If you haven’t tried it yet,you need to for sure.

  6. Stardawn Rubio (verified owner)

    Clone MD remains one of my top 3. I can go through my day without tension. I highly recommend this strain if you are thinking about it!

  7. Bobbie Jo (verified owner)

    Not a big fan of greens but this blend is really good.

  8. Chris

    My go to morning blend.

  9. Ted (verified owner)

    I have been ordering from GRB for years now and their products never fail. I recently ordered this strain based on the reviews and was blown away. This is has become my new favorite strain. Definitely try this blend.

  10. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I initially tried this a few weeks back, and I didnt love it so I put in back in my cabinet of Kratom… Today I decided to try it again, and BAM, amazing. I took it in the morning. I feel great at work right now. Thanks GRB!

  11. Susana Spiegel (verified owner)

    this is an amazing strain! ❤️

  12. Michelle Hendrickson (verified owner)

    Love ❤ Love ❤ Love!!!

  13. Linda (verified owner)

    Going on my list of fav’s!

  14. morr468

    Great duration for me!

  15. brooke.fleming97

    One of the best blends for me. I have a wonderful mood. I enjoy it very much.

  16. Elizabeth Gordineer (verified owner)

    Great blend for me. Worked very well for me and got me up and moving

  17. Linda Shirley (verified owner)

    My favorite tea!

  18. Rebecca Medina

    This blend is amazing. I worked a double shift at work and it helped me get through it with a clear head. This blend will definitely be in my rotation.

  19. kbwalker10 (verified owner)

    This is great! I wish it had a little more it’s great! Fast shipping and this is the best company I’ve found!

  20. Jessica Pressler

    You can’t go wrong with any blends but this one is amazing for “afterwork and worn out but need to make dinner and do laundry”. It’s amazing!

  21. Sarah Hatfield (verified owner)

    One of my go-toos!!

  22. Linda Thoman (verified owner)

    Ok this is a new favourite for day time! It was awesome and my mood was right up there! Love, love, love it!

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