Pink MD, Blend

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Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa

This blend was created several years ago originally as a shop product. We were a new company back then and it was with no small surprise that we overtook every single other product in the shop within a month. It is a blend of Red MD and White MD. Blends can be strange, sometimes two strains go together and create something greater than any of the individual components, Pink MD is an example of that. This blend is always well received.

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1 Ounce, 2 Ounce, 4 Ounce, 8 Ounce, 12 Ounce, 1 Pound, One Kilogram

16 reviews for Pink MD, Blend

  1. L (verified owner)

    Great blend! I really enjoyed it. Thank you

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    Loved this blend. Have tried numerous strains and all products from this vendor are top notch

  3. Christopher (verified owner)

    Loved this blend. Great for me personally. Its perfect.

  4. Cheryl

    Perfect! Thanks.

  5. Colleem

    I received this as a sample and fell in love! It’s on my next thing to order!

  6. Don

    Best thing yet. perfect blend so far.

  7. Andrea (verified owner)

    Received this today and I absolutely Love it! All around in a great mood!

  8. Rebecca Medina (verified owner)

    Great blend, provided the right sweet spot. Great mix.

  9. Nicole Shaw

    Red and white blends are my fav and this one does not disappoint. Perfect combo.

  10. Elizabeth Zelinski (verified owner)

    excellent for me.

  11. Jennifer (verified owner)

    The PInk MD is my absolute favorite. It has the perfect balance for me.

  12. morr468

    Great for me!

  13. brooke.fleming97

    I absolutely love all the pinks! This is one of my favorites.

  14. Michele Eastman

    Out of the pinks I’ve tried so far this is one of my favorites. Ty

  15. Sarah Hatfield (verified owner)

    One of my favorites when I want to get things done around the house!

  16. Linda Thoman

    For me this is a great blend! It lasted me a pretty long time too! Definitely will be on my list of must haves!

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