8 Strain Sample Kit


With our COSMICALLY VAST strain catalog, it's easy to be overwhelmed by options. Don't worry though, we have created this product to help you navigate the strain cosmos. In truth it isn't about what you know, it's about what you've tried as everyone reacts differently to every strain. So use the sample kit to explore new products. This product is for the newbies and our veteran clients alike, we all need to be adventurous with the strains and this enables that without a lot of up-front investment.


Current Available Strains:

Red Crushed Leaf (Indo), Red Bali, Red Bali 2, Red Bison, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Indo 2, Red MD, Red MD 2, Red Malay, Red Semar, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red Thai 2, Red Tiger, Red Waka Wali, Dark Red Indo

White Crushed Leaf (Indo), True (White) Bali, White Bali 2, White Horn, White Indo, White Indo 2, White MD, White MD 2, White Malay, White Sumatra, White Thai, White Tiger, White Waka Wali

Green Crushed Leaf (Indo), Green Bali, Green Indo, Green MD, Green Malay, Green Tiger, Green Bison, Green Waka Wali, Lyon, Jaguar

Yellow Bison, Yellow Indo, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Sunda, Yellow Thai, Yellow Vietnam

Current Available BLENDS:

19th Hole, Balendi, Blend 19, Clone MD, Doublemint, Fathers Helper, Green Malaeng Da, Grouch-B-Gone, Helper Skelter, Hit by a Truck, Kama Sumatra, Math, Mike Bison, Mothers Helper, Murry's Meow Mix, Orange MD, Orange Thai, Pink MD, Pink Thai, Pink Tiger, Pink Sumatra, Red Malaeng Da, Spearmint 1, Spearmint 2, Sundown, Thaifecta, Three Kings, Three Wise Men, Thrison, Tigers, White Malaeng Da, Wintermint, Wintermint 2

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