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Cheap and sustainable, choose multiple strains for a single purchase: buying a large quantity of a single strain to save money rarely makes sense. Eventually, even the best strains will become useless if you do not rotate between multiple strains. The various strain products allow you to pay low pricing on a single purchase that can contain multiple strains, as many as 6. You get the diversity of up multiple strains but pay a single price for the entirety.

Create an Account and accrue points for every order. 100 points gives you a special coupon code for 20% off any order, plus your choice of 4 free ounces or a jar of our popular Altai Shilajit.



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Three Wisemen, Three Kings, Balendi, Thai-fecta, Thrison, Red Malaeng Da, White Malaeng Da, Green Malaeng Da, Yellow Malaeng Da, Clone MD, Math, Pink Bison, Pink MD, Pink Sumatra, Pink Thai, Spearmint, Spearmint 2, Wintermint, Wintermint 2, Doublemint, Mothers Helper, Fathers Helper, Orange MD, Orange Thai, Sundown, & More!

Golden Rule Botanicals wants you to know...

The name Golden Rule Botanicals was selected for us by our clientele. We like to think it reflects the energy and commitments that have always been the crux of our outreach. We employ a rigorous quality control process that produces a reliable, better and more accountable product that’s all natural and passes phytosanitary quarantine before importation.  Our catalog is designed to provide strain diversity and all products are vetted before entering the inventory.

Thank you and best wishes, from Golden Rule Botanicals