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8 Strain Sample Kit – Full Ounces

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A full ounce for every strain means you have enough experience to make highly educated decisions about each strain and 8 strains means you get a sense for every aspect of the catalog. We feel this is the most functional of the sample kits, if you can get it you should.

Available Strains:

Red Bali, Red Bison, Red Indo, Red MD, Red Malay, Red Semar, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red Tiger, Red Waka Wali, Dark Red Indo

True (White) Bali, White Indo, White MD, White Malay, White Semar, White Sumatra, White Thai, White Bison, White Tiger

Green Bali, Green Indo, Green MD, Green Malay, Green Semar, Jaguar, Green Tiger, Green Bison, Green Waka Wali, Lyon

BLENDS: Mother's Helper, Father's Helper, Clone MD, Green Malaeng Da, Red Malaeng Da, White Malaeng Da, Three Kings, Three Wisemen, Balendi, Thai-fecta, Kama Sumatra, Tig3rs, Thrison, Murry's Meow Mix, Math, Hit By A Truck, Pink Thai, Pink Tiger, Pink Bison, Pink Sumatra, Hit by a Truck, Orange Malay, Orange Thai, Doublemint, Wintermint, Wintermint #2, Spearmint, Spearmint #2, Sundown

Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa

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