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  • “Strawberry Milk” Vape Fluid 500mg High Terpene

    Derived from the infamous White Widow, Harlequin and AK-47 male plants, this high CBD high terpene "pain bomb" juice scores high marks across the board. It is a middle priced, much appreciated product.
  • 900mg Full Spectrum + Terpenes

    Loaded with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and Terpenes, this 30ml product may be our most potent oral solution.
  • Sold out

    Skitt_Als Vape Fluid 500mg and Strawberry/Blueberry Kush Vape Fluid 500mg

    Double strength 500mg vape fluids require very small amounts and last a long time. The flavors are delicious and their effect, even better.
  • Full Spectrum 1000mg

    Extremely high potency CBD with a full spectrum of Cannabinoids for added effectiveness. This product delivers a substantial punch with a cost per milligram that makes it ideal for most applications. Its not bad tasting either.
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    Full Spectrum 200mg

    A good starting point for the uninitiated or for the light CBD user, the 200mg bottle still offers a kick at a particularly low price.
  • Sold out

    CBD Shatter

    This extract contains 475mg per gram and is POTENT. This product is best used in small quantities to deliver a big effect. Its nice to have around for BIG problem days.
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    Hemp Bud

    The male of the Cannabis plant produces high CBD content without THC and is otherwise indistinguishable from Marijuana. Yes, it looks identical to its more mind altering sister. This flower offers a uniquely pleasant method of delivery for your CBD.

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