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Thank You

Thank you for your order! We Love you and always want to hear from you if we can. Tell us a joke in your order comments, find us on social media, we’re around. 
-You may not be done with your payment process, read below.


Check your email for instructions on expediting your e-check payment and shipping your order in as little as 1 day. We verify and clear e-check first, make sure your funds don’t dip before money is withdrawn. Bouncing an e-check will result in a $45 fee so make sure your balance is high enough! If you think your balance is going to dip too low, let us know so we can cancel it and avoid the fee for you. We do report to credit bureaus need be and need be, to a industry wide vendor black list and social media black list. Order will not ship if e-check does not clear, do not get stuck with charges to pay too! Otherwise, you’ve selected the best option, e-check is great, you just have to make sure your balance is available to clear the charge.

Money Order:

Submit order, get MO for the total, make out to GRB. Add order number to MO memo. Send to GRB, 524 W Broadway Rd. Suite 110, Tempe AZ 85282

Same Day Money Order:

Returning clients only. Make out MO to GRB, make MO receipt out to GRB. Take a pic of both. Choose shipping that has a tracking number (we advise USPS certified) and send us the tracking number or a picture of the shipping label to 480-414-4532. Hold onto the MO receipt but send MO to GRB, 524 W Broadway Rd. Suite 110, Tempe AZ 85282. Make sure your order number is somewhere in the envelope or on the MO. When we receive your pics, we’ll send it out!

Card Payments:

If you must pay using some type of card, payment links and other options are available to do so. Select this option and we will be reaching out to you during our business hours to complete your payment. Simply answer the call/text or call or text us back as soon as you are available, thanks! If its within business hours, we will answer your call or text ASAP. 480-414-4532. Hang tight, we will reach out to you during business hours or you can reach out to us during business hours 9:30-6pm Mountain Standard. Either way, we will call/text you, please call/text us back and you can give us a card over the phone or pay with a payment link. We will get to you ASAP and make sure you get same day shipping within our 3pm Mountain standard time cutoff.

We do not work weekends, orders placed after 3pm Friday will be dealt with Monday. Dismiss