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Are you going to allow a Kratom world ban?

Act today or lose Kratom forever.

The American Kratom Association needs your story!

Refuse to be silenced.

The American Kratom Association is collecting comments from Kratom consumers to submit in response to the FDA asking the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) & U.N. to consider banning Kratom internationally.

We all know the attacks on Kratom over the last decade can be exhausting. However, with every attack, consumers and vendors have come together with their families to fight, armed with science personal and experiences.

The World Health Organization is accepting comments from the public through August 9th, which means YOUR STORY needs to get to them before then (August 8th). The American Kratom Association has set up a comment portal on their channels so that we can make sure W.H.O. gets EVERY COMMENT.

The FDA has confirmed to the AKA that comments submitted directly to the Federal Register will be “considered”, they did not confirm they’ll be shown to the W.H.O. This is why the AKA has set up a portal so that W.H.O. can see your miracle.

It is CRITICAL that all of our customers yet again step up and submit their testimonies. W.H.O. will use this information to consider whether to recommend that certain international restrictions be placed on Kratom. This notice from the FDA requesting comments is required by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR COMMENT IS NOT AN ATTACK ON THE FDA. Our audience is the W.H.O. from the United States regarding abuse liability and diversion. The more consumers we have commenting, along with the overwhelming science on Kratom, the stronger the message will be to keep Kratom legal!!! Don’t let your voice be silenced. ACT NOW! Together, we CAN save Kratom.

American Kratom Association

If you email us your comment submission confirmation we will give you 2oz FREE of either Mother’s Helper or Red Thai with your next order.