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Please Read Carefully

Hey guys! Payment is easy but you must read the below in order to make the appropriate selection.

Pay With Credit Card: 

Submit your order & select “Payment Link/Payment by Phone” and we will contact you promptly to complete the payment by phone. You can always give us a call at 480-414-4532 as soon as your order is placed, otherwise we will reach out shortly!

E-Check/eDebit Direct: 

All orders using E-Check/eDebit Direct are eligible for 25% off! Use coupon code “ECHECK25” when you pay with E-check. E-check allows you to enter your check information online and pay for your order as you would with a debit card, it is the safest and most reliable form of online payment and is standard in our industry.  CHARGE MUST CLEAR BEFORE ORDER SENDS. Charges normally clear within 1-2 business days but we cannot see the payment on our end for about 4 days so if you want to expedite your e-check process, you can send a screenshot of the money clearing your account and your name associated with the order to (480) 414-4532 and we will send the order right away. These instructions are also included in the email you received upon ordering. (and include the verbiage and image regarding finding information for e-check). 

The image below illustrates how to find the routing and account number you will need on a personal check. If you don’t have a physical check available, you can find your routing and account number in your online banking or by calling the bank.

A routing number is always 9 digits BTW. make sure you get your check info correct and there is a high enough balance. The check number doesn’t matter at all, enter any random number unless you voided a check for your records.

Green Bean Pay: 

This innovative payment option is an instant favorite with clients old and new. The option is easy, offers maximum security and works essentially like an e-check but with more flexibility and simplicity once set up. ECHECK25 coupon can be used with this option!


Green Bean Pay is a fast and easy way to pay for your order with an eDebit. First time users:

  • Step 1: On the checkout page, select Green Bean, then click REGISTER.
  • Step 2: You will be directed to the Green Bean website – create your account with your cell phone number, or email address. Finish the setup, confirm your account.
  • Step 3: Add a bank account to Green Bean – Follow the instructions on the website.
  • Step 4: Once Complete – come back to finish your checkout process – in the green bean pay window enter your phone number or email address in the Existing Customers field. it will send you a text message to authorize the account (for security purposes)
  • Step 5: Enter the code, once you’re done with that – agree with the terms and conditions, and then hit place order.

That’s it! You are now done and your order will be processed. For future orders using GBP, you will not have to repeat these steps!

Same Day Money Order:

If you have ordered with us before, same day money order is available to you. You can still have your order ship the same day you order but you must follow certain steps.  We need a picture of the MO made out to us, the receipt made out to us and a tracking number for the MO, images sent to 480-414-4532, MO sent to GRB 3905 N 7th Ave, PO Box 36834 Phoenix, AZ 85067. USPS is the best place to do this, they sell money orders and offer shipping with tracking, one stop shop. If steps are unclear, call us at 480-414-4532. 


If you have questions or require assistance, please text or call (480) 414-4532


After reading the information on this page, click the button below to proceed to payment and final checkout.