Bird Box!

Most of our customers choose to use the Bird Box subscription service. The Bird Box offers a steep 30% discount and makes ordering reliable, timely, and easy. It also allows GRB to personally curate your orders with the strains we like best or have heard the most positive feedback about lately. Cancel or amend the instructions on your box at any time before the next box ships.


*Cancel any time, no obligations whatsoever, you can also skip a month or modify frequency in any other way you want at any time

*Offers largest discount we have

*Includes free GRB Shaker Cup in first order

*Can set box for any amount large or small, from 4 ounces to 2 kilos

*Can customize frequency from once a week, to once a month, to bi-monthly

*Can attach any special notes to the subscription and we will fill the order according to those instructions, which can be changed at any time. Instructions can be extremely specific, open ended, or both


*There are no cons, just try it!

For example
Special Instructions: I need a at least one red in every order, the rest pink and yellow, 1/2 kg every two weeks.

Automatic subscription payments require that you have a valid checking account

Use the form below to fill out your Bird Box information and then we will contact you to complete set up!

Don't forget, you can ALWAYS change how you order, this not a tattoo! In fact we want you to explore your options and try new things.
You can change this before we ship your first Bird Box!
*Remember that the herbal, shilajit and CBD products are best when used consistently, Bird Box is designed to help you stick to your self care plan. Include all other general information, comments, order details or questions that could help us help you below.*