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BIRD BOX Subscription Plan!

We use our own product and we know whats getting the best feedback at any given time. With your GRB Bird Box, we will curate our massive catalog and send you whatever is getting the best feedback as per any special instructions you like at any size you would like. If you have a specific request in your next box, let us know ahead of time and we will add that in as well. Cancel or amend the instructions on your box at any time before the next box ships.

For example
Special Instructions: I need a good red in every order, the rest pink and yellow, 1kg/month.

If you would like out the subscription plan, you must call to set it up so give us a call during our business hours at 480-414-4532!

Automatic subscription payments require that you have a valid checking account

We do not work weekends, orders placed after 3pm Friday will be dealt with Monday. Dismiss